Vegan PIES - OUR Enlightenment

As omnivores, it took us time to think of creating vegan items, but, like our wheatless pies, we designed the flavours from the ground up, concentrating on establishing strong flavours first. We continually try different vegan fillings, and will add more to our regular line-up.

Big flavour. That’s the whole goal with our savoury vegan pies.


A little Caribbean influence goes into this vegan pie, made with whole plant-based protein sources, such as organic Canadian soy bean tempeh and yellow peas, sesame, and sunflower. Drawing inspiration from Jamaican patties, these are available spicy or mild, and both have a little hint of plantain to temper the heat from the scotch bonnet peppers.

Green Sailor

Ahoy Popeye, this pie is based on a popular cafe dish chef Kevin created at another business. We saute spinach and onions, with plenty of jalapeño and Spanish spices, before adding black beans, and vegan cheese.

Puri Fury

Many trips to India, chef Kevin not only met his wife, but some awesome food ideas. Chana masala is a universally loved dish, and makes up this vegan savoury pie. Curried chickpeas, and a mild aromatic sauce.

Plant-based Tourtière

It all started here, and continues to propel us forward. Chef Kevin grew up in Ontario, and was often tantalized by the delicious Québec food traditions that his mother (his parents traveled and lived across Canada with the armed forces before settling into the private sector in Ontario) would attempt to recreate.

Caramelized mushrooms and ground walnut “meat” give this plant-based tourtière the umami and body of it’s omnivore cousin, combined with diced potato, and heavily seasoned with allspice, clove, and nutmeg, goes great with ketchup…. what can we say, ketchup is good!

… something sweet?

Most of our dessert pies can be made vegan! Our wheatless crust is vegan, and makes up the majority of what we do on the sweet side.