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Located inside the Multicultural Heritage Centre,
5411 51st Street, Stony Plain, AB

Open Monday to Saturday
Closed All Statutory Holidays & Long Weekends

If in doubt,
call to verify we’re open: 780-710-2511

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Seasonal Offerings We Currently Produce


Tourtiere Turnover
Acadian-infuenced highly seasoned organic beef, pork, and potato, in a pâte brisée crust

4” Whole Grain Vegan Tourtiere
Acadian-infuenced highly seasoned caramelized mushrooms, onions, and walnuts, in a whole grain crust (vegan, wheat-free)

Notorious BIRD Pasty
Roasted local turkey, gravy, potatoes, and vegetables

Tipsy Chicks Pasty
Beer-braised chicken, with creamy ale gravy, rice pilaf, and cheese

Homesteader’s Pasty
Local beef, root vegetables, potatoes, herbs, and spices

Cheesey Fun Guy Pasty
A blend of mushrooms, cheese, sundried tomato, and capers

Spicy Sailor Empanada
Sauted spinach, black beans, jalapenos, and cheese

Puri Fury Pasty
Aromatic curried chickpeas (vegan)

Green Sailor Empanada
Sauted spinach, black beans, and jalapenos (vegan)

Fit Fun Guy Pasty
A blend of mushrooms, sundried tomato, and capers (vegan)


Grated beets, loaded with garlic and dill, simmered with vegetables, and thickened with potato
(vegan, wheat-free)

Lobster Bisque
Rich, creamy rice-thickened soup, made with lobster stock, a dash of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and butter (wheat-free)

4” Whole Grain Pies

Hot Toddy
Spiced rum, lemon, honey, and cinnamon, inside our signature whole grain crust (wheat-free)

Harvest Fruit & Nut
Apple, cranberries, and black currants stand out with our robust whole grain crust
(vegan, wheat-free)

Caramel Apple Pie
Poached granny smith apple, and a heaping amount of caramel, on a stick, in our whole grain crust — a pie, on a stick (vegan, wheat-free)

Coconut Chocolate Pecan Pie
Decadence: toasted coconut acts as a crust, enveloping rich chocolate filling that’s loaded with pecans (vegan, wheat-free)

Honey Pie
Dandelion honey stands out in our nutty-flavoured whole grain crust (wheat-free)


Apple Pie
It’s a safe pie for the undecided: apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, inside our pâte brisée crust

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie
A summer pie that’s perfect year-round. Macerated fruit that we don’t over-sugar, so it’s tart for those who don’t like overly-sweetened pies, but want something more familiar than our signature 4” pies, inside our pâte brisée crust

Peach Pie
Fresh peaches, and all their juices, plus a little cinnamon and nutmeg go into this typical pie, inside our inside our pâte brisée crust

Molasses Pumpkin Pie
A little darker than a typical pumpkin pie, as we add a touch of molasses to the mix, in this single-crust inside our pâte brisée pie