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Stony Plain
Pie Shoppe

Stony Plain Pie Shoppe hand makes
quality savoury "hand pies"
for retail and wholesale connoisseurs,
using fresh and natural
provincially sourced ingredients.


How to enjoy us

All our production is done inside the
Multicultural Heritage Centre,
Stony Plain, AB,
5411 - 51 Street.

You can enjoy our hand pie hot
from our production cafe,
or take them home,
frozen pre-baked,
from our cafe, farmers markets,
or other locally owned businesses.

To bake at home:
Preheat oven to 350F;
Bake for 30-45 minutes.
... you can microwave them for convenience.

Our Cafe

Stony Plain Pie Shoppe's cafe serves our famous hot hand pies, hand-crafted dessert pies by the slice, and house-made soup.

Our Retail

There's a small food retail display in our cafe,
featuring unique local food products,
and other items made by our culinary team,  or trusted food businesses.

All about pies

What we make are essentially pot pies that you eat with your hand.  These are chef-crafted meals in pastry:

Pasty (pass-tee):  Our pride and joy, we take global culinary traditions, combine them with locally sourced ingredients, and bake our creations in a savoury crust, reminiscent of the popular English style hand pies.  Truly portable meals you can carry with you.  Perfect for lunches.

Calzone (cal-zo-nay):  Who doesn't love a "pizza pie?"  Calzones are an Italian hand pie, made with pizza dough, and filled with traditional pizza fillings.  We make ours with a long sourdough process and organic Alberta flour.

Dessert Pie:  Of course, a pie shoppe without dessert pies would be just wrong... so we've got you covered. 



Stony Plain Pie Shoppe is THE definition of local eatery: a fun, engaging, unique concept offering locally-sourced ingredients, including hand-picked produce from area gardens and orchards, and locally-sourced proteins. 

Stony Plain Pie Shoppe is a foodie-fun zone, with talented culinarians eager to push boundaries, break with tradition, and marry multiple traditions together.

Stony Plain Pie Shoppe sources local ingredients for all our pies, preferring organic where possible.  Our savoury pies are 90 percent Alberta-sourced product, from the flour to the filling.  

We are on first-name basis with the farmers who produce our ingredients, and enter food production and menu development as a partnership with our producers. 

Great food makes great food.


Chefs & Food

at the forefront



We don't like to deal with salespeople and middlemen.  We deal directly with the people who produce the ingredients that go into our creations.  Farmers are hard-working business owners who have taken a huge risk to nourish us, often depending on very unpredictable weather and global markets for their income.

When you visit us at the cafe, you see us putting those ingredients to use, and you interact with culinarians who are deeply involved with the food production.  What goes in the food?  Ask us.  We make every bit of it.  Where does it come from?  Ask us.  We know where, who, and when.

Stony Plain Pie Shoppe is unique to Parkland County in many ways, beginning with the fact that our food is not factory-made.