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Night Out @ the Pie Shoppe: Real Cooking Is Simple


Sounds like the title of a horror movie, doesn't it?  

Using ingredients that you don't need to go to Edmonton or further afield to procure, we will discover how to create great food in a fun and collegial environment.  Enjoy a meal you created with like-minded people, and go home having had a good time with a strange chef.  Headed by Stony Plain Pie Shoppe's Chef Kevin Waddell.

Dinner preparations will focus on the here-and-now of what is fresh and in season.  Remember that horribly long winter we had?  Well let's see how great the asparagus is doing, the rhubarb, and the shoots and sprouts that may or may not be ready to pick.

Loving Lovage Soup

Tarragon chicken and waffles, poached eggs, with maple bearnaise!

Chef's childhood forage: Fiddleheads!  We'll also cook with spruce the buds and tender parts of some area trees.

.... strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert! Oh yes, you knew it was coming.