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Saturday Night Feast: Diners, Drive-ins, and Vegans

The chefs put away their butcher knives, and don their free spirit for a vegan food exploration with big bold diner flavours.

Buffalo Wings... S&P, BBQ, mild, hot, chef's suicidal OMG-I'VE-GONE-BLIND sauce, on a vegetarian "wing" that makes us meat-eaters say, "vegetarian food has never tasted so chicken before!"


VEGAN BACON CHEESEBURGERS!  Dearest carnivores, do not ready this, but we're going to make this "junk food" relic a special meal, with hand-made pressed deep-fried crispy vegetarian burger patties, homemade sourdough bread, vegan "bacon," vegan cheese, and many more vegan toppings to make any meat-eater question the meaning of life.
F-R-I-E-S A-N-D G-R-A-V-Y has never been so vegan!



... no, we're just kidding!


HOT FUDGE SUNDAE BROWNIE for dessert, baby!  Vegan ice cream and brownie, with hot sweet chocolatey fudge topping.


Wear LOOSE pants, and bring a carnivore, but don't tell him/her that it's vegetarian, let alone vegan.

$34 per person, GST and gratuity included. 
Additional beverages may be bought at dinner.